Make sure the bouncy castle you book is covered by Public Liability Insurance.
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Making sure your bouncy castle hire company has Public Liability Insurance

Making sure your bouncy castle operator is properly insured may not have occurred to you... That's why UK-Bounce now highlights which advertisers have supplied up-to-date evidence of their PLI cover.

Sadly, accidents do occasionally happen, so it is in your interest to make sure that your bouncy castle operator is properly insured to keep you, your property and your family or guests covered, should an accident happen.

What is Public Liability Insurance (PLI)?

PLI covers you (the hirer) for damage, loss or injuries incurred to you or your property / venue, which are caused by incorrectly assembled equipment or faulty equipment provided by the bouncy castle operator.  It does not cover you (the hirer) for damage, loss or injuries incurred by misuse of the inflatable or if you change / move / rearrange any part of the equipment after the delivery and company set up.

A professional company working with the public should always have PLI to cover themselves as well as give their clients the peace of mind that if something should go wrong, all parties will get the assistance and legal back up they deserve.

That is why with UK-Bounce, we help you to make an informed choice when hiring an inflatable.  Operators that have submitted up-to-date evidence to UK-Bounce are flagged with our PLI symbol, shown below.

Public Liability Insurance

Whilst UK-Bounce offers this service as a guide, we always recommend that you ask to see an original PLI certificate from your operator when hiring an inflatable.  Do not be afraid to ask to see their PLI as any reputable operator will not be offended, and only too happy to oblige.

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